The Master Article Marketers Toolkit


I have a toolkit, just like every other successful internet marketer and it is a range of products and services that I use every single week with my marketing plan. Do you need this toolkit to make money online? Nope, but it will certainly speed up the process and help you make more money online.

I did not start out with these tools, but as I made money with the method I reveal in one of my $7.77 MAM Reports called, “Freelancing for Cash”, I started to add these tools to my arsenal. Some of them help me gain powerful backlinks for my sites and help me climb up the Google rankings, while others help spread my articles all over the place and get me traffic from corners of the internet I did not even know were out there.

Each tool is very important to my plan and each one helps me to gain more traffic from multiple sources, which helps to protect the longevity of my business. I don’t want just Google traffic and I don’t want just article directory traffic.

When the Google Panda came along and slapped many people right in the face, in 2011, it was a wake up call. Getting traffic from just one source was a bad idea and even though Google is responsible for a large portion of traffic, they are not responsible for all of it. I urge you to create multiple sources of traffic and income. The following Toolkit will help you do exactly that!

The Master Article Marketing Toolkit

Build My Rank - This product can help with your Google ranking. I was very skeptical at first, but after the trail helped one of my domains go from the 5th page in Google to the bottom of the first page, I was convinced. It is a membership site that allows you to submit short 150 word posts and include one link to your website. You can try it out for free and get 10 free backlinks from the trial offer. This is a powerful tool because of the high Page Rank of the backlinks. Go Here to Start your Free Trial: Free Build My Rank Trail Offer

Content Crooner - Probably my second favorite tool is Content Crooner. This is a site that allows you to submit articles and they will distribute them to the publishers on their lists including blogs, websites, article directories, and even newsletter. It is very powerful and well worth the price you pay monthly. Go Here to Check out Content Crooner

Social Monkee – A great free way to get some social bookmark backlinks and a bit of exposure. You can also upgrade for a one time payment that is very low and get even more backlinks, I did. Even the free account is worth checking out and can help you get more backlinks faster. Go Here to Use Social Monkee for Free

Backlinks Kingdom – Another great free product that allows you to submit your article to 15 directories for free. This is an easy way to get backlinks to your site and you can upgrade for more submissions every single day. Go here to Check out Backlinks Kingdom Now

Outsourcing - The final tool in my toolkit is the most important and it has helped my to get more done, write more content, and do more to benefit my business. I outsource to many different people and I find most of them on the Warrior Forum.

The strategies I teach in my 5 – $7.77 MAM Reports are all strategies I use, but I no longer do them myself. These are things I outsource to other to do them for me. You can start by outsourcing one small task as week and grow it from there. This is my favorite part of my toolkit by far!

Now you have all the tools I use and you can add them to your arsenal one by one. Start by trying them for free and gain the benefits of some free backlinks, then move on to using the upgrades for even more power.

I hope this is helpful for everybody that uses these tools!!


Benjamin Ehinger

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