MailEngageX Review, Demo + Bonuses

MailEngageX Review, Demo + Bonuses

MailEngageX Review: – In this video review, I’ll show you inside MailEngageX, how it works, a full demo of setting it up and sending emails as well as go over the MailEngageX pricing, upsells, OTO’s and pricing.

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What Is MailEngageX?
MailEngageX is a online app that gives you control over personalizing and adding elements into your emails to increase interaction and click-throughs. MailEngageX (through LetMailbox 2.0) has combined all the conversion triggers used by AUTHORITY BRAND NAMES in one place that will instantly increase your conversion rates, the moment a client opens your email! Its a plug and play platform where you can setup all you conversion trigger methods in one easy to use dashboard. It also comes with a full email marketing video course!

MailEngageX Upsells and OTO’s:
[+] OTO 1 – MailEngageX PRO and MailEngageX PRO with Commercial Rights $27/month or $97/yr
[+] OTO 2 – MailEngageX Conversio Suite $77
[+] OTO 3 – MailEngageX Franchise $297-$497
[+] OTO 4 – MailEngageX Email Writing Playbook $47

MailEngageX Bonuses:
[+] How to Build a Buyers List Video
[+] Buyers List Ninja: 23 page ebook
[+] List Building on Steriods Video
[+] 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing Video
[+] Solo Ad List Building Profits Video Course

MailEngageX Pricing and MailEngageX Coupons:

Phase 1: 11 AM – 5 PM ET/NY, 17th September
Early Bird: FE 1: $37 , FE 2: $47 ($5 discount coupon – VIP5)

Phase 2: 5 PM – midnight ET/NY, 17th September
FE 1: $37 , FE 2: $47 ($5 discount coupon – VIP5)

Phase 3a: 17th September
FE 1: $39 , FE 2: $47

Phase 3b: 18th September
FE 1: $41 , FE 2: $47

Phase 4a: 19th September
FE 1: $41 , FE 2: $47

Phase 4b: 20th September
FE 1: $42 , FE 2: $47

Phase 5b: 22nd September
FE 1: $46, FE 2: $47

AFTER 22nd September (launch closes):
FE 1: $47 , FE 2: $67

In this Neil Napier Mailengagex review I’ll be giving you a full mail engage x demo and show you how to set up a campaign. You can also learn about the mailengagex upsells, mailengagex OTO’s, mailengagex pricing, mailengagex coupons and where to buy mail engage x.

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